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Founder/Principal/Creative Advisor

Fredrick Howard is a former law enforcement officer, Marine, author, and inventor from Trevose, Pennsylvania who came up with the SNELFI concept several years ago. During the same period, Fred wrote over 150 pages of intellectual property disclosure in reference to a disappearing messaging application which was practically identical to the Snapchat platform, only to discover that the creators of Snapchat had been working on the same concept for over a year and a half before Fred had thought of it. Motivated by this coincidence, Fred moved forward with the better of his two concepts (SNELFI), and is currently working to introduce his SNELFI image and content sharing system into the social media and mobile application arena as a new and sustaining platform. Fred also invented a Rapid Deployment Vehicle Armor System to help protect the lives of law enforcement and military personnel responding to emergencies and barricade situations. In 1997 he received a patent for the “Anti-man-2000,” a toilet bowl system he designed to wash urine and waste from a toilet bowl rim. Fred is also the author of a police thriller titled Luke 11:24 (The Dark Obsession of a Killer Clergy), and he has also written the screenplay. Fred recently completed his second screenplay, and is working on his second novel. Fred is the 1987 Philadelphia Golden Gloves Boxing Champion, the 2003 Police Olympics Boxing Champion, the 2004 Phoenix FX Toughman Fighting Champion, and the 2004 FX Southwest U.S. Regional Toughman Fighting Champion. In 2000, he was inducted into the Bensalem High School Hall of Fame for track and field with his younger brother, Ty, a National Champion Wrestler, and his sister Angela, a Suburban I League Basketball Champion. Fred is also a 2x recipient of the FOP officer of the year award, and at 15, he was cited by Resolution in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for “Heroic Acts of Bravery and Uncommon Moral Courage.” Fred is strong in his faith with God, and is an advocate of animal rights and feeding the homeless.